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Homemade Rice Dolmades $9.00
homemade rice dolmades vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs in lemon sauce
Zucchini Fritz $13.00
zucchini and feta pancakes
Lima Beans $13.00
gigante beans in a red sauce with crumbled feta cheese
Keftedakia $12.00
pan seared meatballs
Feta Fotias $11.00
baked feta, fresh tomato topped with roasted red peppers
Tiropitakia $8.00
feta cheese in phyllo
Spanakopita $8.00
phyllo, spinach, feta cheese
Kolokithakia $10.00
Fried zucchini sticks
Melitzanes $11.00
pan fried eggplant with fresh garlic, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese
Saganaki $12.00
fried Greek cheese with honey and sesame seeds
Kalamarakia Fried Calamari $14.00
fried calamari
Grilled Octopus $21.00
Mini Pikilia $15.00
choice of three spreads
Melitzanosalata $10.00
Smoky roasted eggplant, garlic, tahini, lemon and feta
Tzatziki $10.00
greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dill
Hummus $9.00
chick peas, tahini, garlic
Tyrokafteri $10.00
marinated roasted red peppers, feta and fresh jalapeno
Taramosalata $10.00
cured carp roe with scallions, lemon juice and olive oil
Chicken Avgolemono $6.00
lemon chicken soup with rice
Soup of the Day $6.00
Greek Saladsmall $12.00
spring mix, tomato, feta, cucumber, red onion peppers. kalamata olives and grape leaveslarge $14.00
Horiatiki Authentic Village Saladsmall $12.00
cucumbers, peppers, tomato, red onion, capers, kalamata olives, feta and rustic croutonslarge $14.00
Maroulasalatasmall $11.00
romaine lettuce, scallions, dill and feta with balsamic and house dressinglarge $12.00
* Add Grilled Chicken or Gyro Meat $6.00
* Add Grilled Shrimp, Grilled Calamari, or Salmon $9.00
served with Mediterranean rice and seasonal vegetables as well as choice of soup or salad
Gyro $21.00
rotisserie meat mix of beef and lamb
Pork Gyro $21.00
slow cooked marinated pork
Pork Souvlaki $21.00
grilled pork loin kebabs
Bifteki $22.00
Sliced Steak $25.00
marinated skirt steak
Lamb Shish $24.00
grilled lamb cubes with onions, peppers and tomato
Chicken Shish $21.00
grilled chicken cubes with onions, peppers and tomato
Chicken Souvlaki $21.00
Grilled Chicken $21.00
thin slices of grilled chicken
Seasonal Vegetables $10.00
Greek French Fries $5.00
Mediterranean Rice $5.00
Lemon Potatoes $7.00
Sautéed Spinach $7.00
(Served with Greek Salad or Soup)
Pan Fried Eggplant $17.00
with fresh tomato and garlic sauce
Meatless Mousaka $17.00
layers of eggplant, potato, mushroom and zucchini topped with béchamel
Assorted Hot Entree $17.00
tiropitakia, spanakopita, grilled vegetables, dolmades and Mediterranean rice
(Served with Greek Salad or Soup)
Spinach Pie $17.00
spinach, feta, leeks and scallion filling in a crispy phyllo dough
Mousaka $18.00
layers of eggplant and potato with ground meat sauce topped with béchamel
Pastichio $18.00
layers of pasta, ground meat sauce, parmesan cheese and béchamel
Baklava  $6.00
Galaktoboureko $6.00
custard pie $6.00
Rizogalo $6.00
homemade rice pudding $6.00
Walnut Cake $6.00
Greek Coffee $2.00
Hot Tea $1.50